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Fennica Gaming Registers its 100th Trademark and 199th Certificate Globally

The Fennicans had a great reason to celebrate the official summer start at the Veikkaus Group's Summer Festival last week: Fennica Gaming has been steadily increasing its registered trademark portfolio, reaching now a great milestone of 100 trademarks. At the same time there was also a celebration for acquiring 199 certifications for products and services in various regulations.

Veikkaus Group has many valuable brands that its subsidiary Fennica Gaming licensees. Fennica Gaming has been proactive in registering its own and Veikkaus Group’s brands globally. With 100 trademarks now registered and 18 applications pending, the company is committed to broaden its portfolio. Among the 100 trademarks are game mechanics, games, brand names and imagery.

- Trademarking is very important inside Veikkaus Group for protecting our own brands and being respectful towards other’s intellectual property. We started the process with the subsidiary Fennica Gaming at an early stage and I am very happy that our team of Fennicans has been proactive in taking care of international IP rights, states Tuomas Matila, Head of IP at Veikkaus Ltd.

- We have been fortunate to have Tuomas on board to lead the way in international IP rights and to enhance the value of our portfolio. We are also happy to announce that 199 of our products and services have been certified in several jurisdictions. This is a testament to our expansion and the quality we offer to our customers. We are excited to see which will be our 200th certificate and how long it will take to reach that milestone, adds Kirsi Lagus, SVP Portfolio and Product Development.


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