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APILA™ Game Development Kit (GDK)

Would you like to access a growing collection of software libraries, tools, and services to develop state-of-the-art games?

Opt for our APILA™ GDK! It is used by a multitude of people active in game development: coders, content creators, producers, and testers.

The objective is both to improve the quality of the games and make the development processes more efficient.

As our customer, you will get access to the GDK, and with it, you can develop games on your own -  or in collaboration with Fennica Gaming and our game development ecosystem partners.  

Almost 100 unique games have already been published by in-house and partner studios, created by over ten different teams. More than a billion game rounds are being played by customers across all our target platforms. And we are just getting started!

Letter A

Adapted for Gaming

Optimized for the need and proven in action

Letter P

Performance Enhancement

Game templates and process to speed up the development

Letter I

Inclusive Development

Same tools for every platform, every game, every team

Letter L


Single code base for wide range of target devices

Letter A

Accessible for All Developers

Uses Common Web Ecosystem and Tools


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