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Games as a Service

Searching for games that are easy to add to your portfolio and always up to the latest trend? We have a solution for you!

Our Games as a Service (GaaS) offer a flexible and scalable solution. With it, you can give your players a rich, captivating, and continuously evolving gaming experience, while at the same time focusing on your core business. Our GaaS solution operates through three essential components: Games, Game System, and an enabling Platform powered by Google Cloud solutions.


Game system + Platform

Our solution incorporates all the essential elements necessary to manage a diverse game portfolio. These elements include draw-related algorithms and a backend infrastructure tailored for games. The Game System features a dedicated API that interfaces seamlessly with the Lottery's PAM and back office, facilitating smooth integration for Wallet functionality and reporting.

We at Fennica Gaming bear responsibility for the deployed environment and guarantee care-free service to you. The environment is configured with operator-specific settings and certifications, ensuring a customized and compliant setup, geared to deliver an optimal gaming experience.


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