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Our story

At Fennica Gaming, it all begins with our commitment to the players – their enjoyment, excitement, security, and well-being.

Satisfied players keep our customers ahead of the game, and the key to that is providing attractive and rewarding game experiences in a safe, responsible setting. Our legacy of experience and expertise serves as a strong base, helping our customers reach new heights.

Technological mastery and purposeful innovation keep our collaboration on the cutting edge. A culture of trust, cooperation, and tireless development ensures a lasting, mutually prosperous relationship.

Success, for us, is built by putting the player first.


Our principles

Engaged: Every one of us is captivated by the success of our customers. We are driven by making the difficult easy and the complex effortless.

Responsible: We care about the players. Our games are developed responsibly with a focus on player protection. Our goal is to achieve sustainable success by delivering trustworthy service to the players and to our customers.

Trustworthy: We deliver what we promise – trust is the core driver of successful partnerships. We value legacy and strive to uphold and build on it further.

Meet the Fennicans
Timo Kiiskinen
Managing Director
Jussi Ronkainen
Product Portfolio
Luai Mahjneh
Ecosystem & Platform
Kimmo Saari
Lead Development
Joonas Tirkkonen
Business Development
Boyun Hämälistö
Business & Financial
Kimmo Koskinen
Johanna Kozul
MarCom & Brand
Tomi Nuottamo
Game Production
Joni Hovi
Customers & Marketing
Karoliina Teppola
Portfolio & Product
Suvi Liljavuori
Customer Success
Vladimir Liubarsky
Strategy & Analysis
Kirsi Lagus
Portfolio & Product
Sami Myöhänen
Data & Analytics
Mazda Amiryar
Graphic Designer
Tung Hoang
Technical Product
Marcus Bischoff

Why partner with us

Legacy of Knowledge

We boast a deep-rooted understanding of the player, being a brand-new innovative venture, yet enjoying a unique heritage in the business since the 1930s.

Players First

We are in the game for the customers. Your players’ safety and well-being are of key importance to us.

Top Gaming Content

We offer you a world-class eInstant gaming library, as appreciated by players every day for its engaging entertainment value.

Digitalization Experienced

We know what it takes. With experience and a proven track record in digital transformation since 1996, we will guide you through the evolving landscape.

Frame Platform

Frame allows you to access and acquire games and game solutions in a secure and reliable environment.

Fennica Gaming Family

We offer you a vibrant and constantly evolving worldwide network of amazing and talented game studios, fostering collaboration and innovation. Partner with us, and we'll elevate your business through engaging gaming content, trustworthy solutions, and insightful player understanding.


Our mother - Veikkaus

We can say that we are a young company with a long history. By saying so, we refer to our mother company, the Finnish National Lottery, Veikkaus. Many of us Fennicans have already made long careers at Veikkaus or in other gaming companies. We work closely with our colleagues at Veikkaus and benefit from their expertise. Veikkaus is a forerunner in the gaming industry since the 1930s.

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