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Customization and bespoke games

Do you have a great game idea you want to realize? Or any specific needs pertaining to games? We have a solution for you!

We can both customize existing games as well as create bespoke content from scratch. We tailor games to meet your specific requirements and preferences.

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Customization of Portfolio Games

We offer opportunities to customize your existing game portfolio games. You can customize multiple features whilst preserving the game’s original brand identity.

Replicas as bespoke

Fennica Gaming can help to convert existing retail tickets into online versions. We take the best practices of online and mobile solutions and use them to extend the retail scratch experience.

Reskinning as bespoke

Fennica Gaming can make your existing mechanics, math structures and game logics work with customer-specific themes and game ideas.

Bespoke game development

With Fennica Gaming's bespoke development, we can create games that meet your players' specific requirements and preferences. Unlike portfolio games, which are pre-packaged and designed for a broad range of users, bespoke development enables local gaming experiences.


Fennica Gaming can help customers grow through omnichannel solutions that support business, both retail and online. Our game brands and characters are available for online games and retail tickets alike. We can provide design services for physical scratch cards and work with your development team and scratch card provider. This includes implementing existing brands from the customer, the service provider, or a potential third party (brands).

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